Copy2u sends your files encrypted and secure

  Copy2u is secure

You expect a message to be handled confidentially when you send it. A secured connection is used to connect with Copy2u, just like online banking. Copy2u encrypts all your data to make it unreadable to others.

 Copy2u sends large files

ItÅ› often an issue to send large files via email. Most times there is a limit of 10MB. To send larger files unsave websites are used. Copy2u solves this. Files up to 500MB can be sent without any problems.

 Copy2u is simple

No additional software is needed. Just a browser for the Internet. Whether you use a PC, a tablet, or a smartphone, it doesn't matter to Copyu2. It simply works.

Copy2u delivers reliably

E-mail is like sending a postcard

Nowadays more and more information is sent by e-mail. Information about products or invoices from companies. You are asked to send personal data, like a copy of your passport. For example to a bank, to open a bankaccount. Or to a company to apply for a job. But are you sure that these documents don't get into the wrong hands? Have you thought about that?

For companies sending confidential information is an issue too. A lot of information is exchanged with collegues and external partners . But what if sales results get into the hands of your competitors? Or the new business plan gets on the street? Or customer data is intercepted?

Sending confidential information by e-mail is not safe. The mail passes several servers and your data is not protected there. Long after it has reached its destination. Too often it shows that criminals are able to get a hold on this information. Making it possible to commit identity fraud.

You can think of solutions like encryption of data before sending it. Then the receiving person must be able to decrypt the data. Often the needed software is not available. And sometimes encrypted attachments are blocked by virusscanners, because these attachments can contain virusses. Protecting a document with a password is an option, but hacking password on e.g. a pdf-document is not to difficult.

Copy2u solves this problem for you. You can send your confidential information savely with Copy2u.

Copy2u is like a registered letter

By sending confidential information via Copy2u it is stored encrypted at Copy2u and no one can read it. The recipient receives a message that information is available at Copy2u. By logging in the information can be downloaded with ease. No hassle with exchanging codes. The sender receives a delivery note, to make clear that the infomation is received.

Copy2u helps to exchange confidential information in a save way.


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